Friday, June 3, 2011

Albertsons sizzlin summer giveaway rare pieces

Albertsons sizzlin summer giveaway rare pieces

$250,000 cash prize C106
$50,000 cash prize C108 C109
$40,000 backyard C320 
$10,000 vacation C135
$500 gift card C153
$50 gift card C167
$5,200 groceries C140
$250 gift card mall C155
$20 gift card C172

$50,000 Vehicle C116
$25,000 Cash C123
$25,000 Boat C129
$1000 Grill C143
$100 Gift card C160
$10 Cash C174
$5 Cash C178
$2 Cash C184
$100 camera C163
$650 Ipad 2 C149

Please post a comment on what is the rare from C102 or C106, C108 or C109


  1. For each of the prizes over $5k there are a rare and a semi-rare piece. So if you have all but 1 of any of the $5k or larger prizes, you might actually have the rare piece!

    C102 appears to be the semi-rare piece for the $250,000 prize. If anyone is lucky enough to find the rare C106 piece I would love to partner up with you - I've found C102!

  2. I have found a few people who have 102, including myself. But have not yet seen anything about anyone having the 106! I wonder if someone threw it away :( or maybe they're just being quiet... I wouldn't even care if they split it... id take even a little chunk of that cash!

  3. I have rare piece C119 but obviously, without C120 won't do any good. If anyone out there has C120 and needs C119, I'd consider offers, would sell for $500. Someone has one listed on Ebay C119 for $2,000 or buy-it-now price of $10,000. email me at

  4. I also have rare piece C128 and would part with it for $200.

  5. All of my pieces start with SC if anybody has SC04 the $1,000,000 piece or SC13, SC15 $50,000 prize I will split the cash, E-mail me at I will team up with anybody on any of the prizes just let me know what pieces you need.

    1. Pay attention to the dates.
      These people are all talking about last year's (2011) contest.
      Same thing with the original post about which pieces are rare.

  6. 2012 Albertsons Sizzlin' summer giveaway

    I need MW74 to win $5 Cash
    MW69 to win $10 Cash
    MW67 to win $20 Albertsons gift card
    MW61 to win $50 Mall gift card
    MW58 to win $100 Albertsons gift card
    MW45 to win $250 Albertsons gift card
    MW37 to win $1000 Gas Grill